Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is the world famous male singer stars, a songwriter who is born in 1994 and he is Canadian stars. Actually, he born on march 1st in 1994 London at the St Joseph’s Hospital. Justin parents are never married and he is an only child for them. He learned well to play the trumpet, piano as well as drums, guitar.

2008-2010 are years of his life began. Justin Bieber has signed an agreement with Raymond Braun Media Group and starts to working with Braun and Usher. After few stories, Justin moved Atlanta with his mother as well as Braun became a manager in Justin. The song name is One time was ranked as number 12 in Canadian Hot 100 during its first week of released. Justin Bieber was getting famous too fast with those songs and he sang many songs in this period too. Justin also presented 52nd annual Grammy awards in 2010 as a presenter.

Justin Bieber has a big fan base on YouTube and twitters too. In the 2010 Justin twitter account reached more than 6 million followers and he became the most followed person in 2013. Most of the time he is trend topic on the twitter. From 2010-2012 Justin Bieber dated with Selena Gomez. According to Justin view, the USA is not good to him and he always likes to stay in Canada. He thinks Canada is the best country in the world.
In the internet, Justin is the most popular guy in several areas. Haircuts and fashions are the main things Justin Bieber followers following. A lot of boys love cut their hair style as Justin. And many men try to paint they body as a Justin tattoo. Below is the video on his latest fashions and styles in 2017. In that video he is showing his favorite glass and biceps tattoo.

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